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Session 3 - Works in Progress Series

February 3, 2012 - 12-2pm, in OISE 8-220

Presenter: Daniel James Atkinson

Title: Food basics: A simple foods curriculum for complex times

Amid the problematic ethics of conventional farming practices, the near-absence of practical food education in Canada's public schools, and growing rates of malnutrition (especially amongst Canada's economically-vulnerable populations), this doctoral research project will seek to recruit a group of low-SES parent/child pairs to take part in a series of food education workshops that will be held out of a local community centre. Each workshop will examine a simple food (the egg; the potato; leafy greens, for instance) in terms of its identification, cultural history, nutritional value, preparation, and storage. Furthermore, modes of food production, food economics, and food marketing will be discussed at length. With the project being grounded in a critical realist philosophy, I intend to investigate the impact of implementing this curriculum on participants' eating behaviours and on their qualitative understandings of what constitutes 'food'.

Presenter: Dr. Rinaldo Walcott

Title: "this you call civilization": Self-fashioning and Black queer Images

This paper addresses the ways in which black queer film and photography of the 1980s and 1990s might be read as addressing and initiating a conversation about the limits of what it means to be human, or rather rethinking the human. At the same time I argue that these films and photography ask us to consider death and the ways in which death shapes black diasporic life as central to humanity and black humanism. The paper grapples with testimony, death and new humanism as sites for thinking blackness, queerness and the human as an invention of modernity from which anti-blackness cannot be divorced.