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Session 4 - Works in Progress Series

March 25, 2011 - 12-2pm, in OISE 12-274

Student: John Rossini
Title: Barthes's Seeing Clock: Image as Third Presence

While recognizing that images have presences which have been configured by diverse markings – amongst them, the image’s power to wound as parsed in Barthes’s notion of the punctum, Picasso’s mirada fuerte or Mondzain’s recent configuring of the image in terms of a force to kill – the language of such markings complicates understandings of the image by impelling us towards an ontological discourse. Drawing upon Barthes’s identification of “ontological desire” in Camera Lucida the paper explores understandings of the image which extend beyond such desire by being nested in an alternate configuration of entangled embodiment. Against the condition of singularity desired by the ontological discourse, is juxtaposed a different notion of the image nested in notions of entanglement and parsed through Nancy’s notion of the “touch” and Taussig’s autobiographical notion of the intimacy that is present between one’s being and the image.

Faculty: Dr Tanya Titchkosky
Title: Mediating the Human: Bureaucracy and Disability

This talk will examine the ways that disability is put into text within educational environments, especially the University. Actual examples of bureaucratic textual management of disability will be explored so as to reveal how conceptions of participation, the good citizen, and the human are mediated in our everyday lives. By questioning these text based forms of bureaucratic management of disability, I aim to reveal something of the regular educational practices as they sustain particular precarious versions of belonging.