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Events 2010/11
Panel Discussion - Works in Progress Series
January 14, 2011 - 12-2pm, in OISE 11-164
Invited paper by Dr Magda Lewis, Queens University
Panelists: Dr Greg Dimitriadis, SUNY Buffalo
Dr Chloë Brushwood-Rose, York University
Dr Lance McCready, OISE
Moderators: Dr Stephanie Springgay
Dr Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández
Historically, education has been an important field in the evolution of cultural studies, and
contemporary curriculum studies draw quite heavily from the analytic tools and theoretical
insights of cultural studies. Yet, in recent years the relationship between curriculum and
cultural studies has become at times contentious. While many scholars continue to take up
critical issue in cultural and curriculum studies, some curriculum scholars shun cultural studies
as increasingly irrelevant, while some cultural studies scholars reject curriculum scholars
as overly concerned with schooling and the practical needs of teachers. The purpose of this
panel is to have an open discussion about the critical links between cultural and curriculum
studies and the range of possibilities that working the tensions and overlaps between the two
might open. The three panelists will share how their own work draws from and contributes to
both cultural and curriculum studies. The discussion will draw from a paper by OISE alumna
Magda Lewis, in which she considers some of the contemporary pressures that have drawn
cultural and curriculum studies further afield in the University. Drawing on this paper and the
three panelists contributions, we hope to generate ideas about how our Centre might further
strengthen the links between the two fields.
A paper draft from Professor Magda Lewis is available and can be accessed here. We encourage
all attendants to download and read the paper before the Friday session.
CMCE Works in Progess Seminar Series for 2010-2011
ALL SESSIONS 12:00-2:00 PM OISE/UT 252 Bloor st W. Rm 12-274
Session 1: January 28, 2011
Student: Mary Drinkwater
Title: Teachers use of the arts: An international case study between primary schools in Maasailand,
southern Kenya and Ontario, Canada
Faculty: Dr Jamie Magnusson
Title: Academic Cultures of Innovation: The New Look of the Cultural Military Complex
Session 2: February 11, 2011
Student: Cameron Greensmith
Title: Living in a Ghost Town: Re-Imagining the “Native Problem”
Faculty: Dr Roger Simon
Title: Social Media and Practices of Remembrance: The Reframing of Events, the Solidification
of Social Networks, and the Formation of New Publics
Session 3: March 4, 2011
Student: Chandni Desai
Title: Suppression of Palestine Solidarity by the Academic Industrial Complex and the Nation
Faculty: Dr Rob Simon
Title: “Starting with what is”: The phenomenology of responding to student writing
Session 4: March 25, 2011
Student: John Rossini
Title: Barthes’s Seeing Clock: Image as Third Presence
Faculty: Dr Tanya Titchkosky
Title: Mediating the Human: Bureaucracy and Disability
Session 5: April 1, 2011
Student: Sarah Snyder
Title: Noticing the Noticing of Others: Thinking Through a Politics of Recognition
Faculty: Dr Peter Trifonas
Title: The Aporia of Forgiveness