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CMCE Events



September 25 2013: Worlding: Visibility, Disability, and Belonging

Presenter: David Trend | Chair of the Department of Art | University of California

Publicity Flyer for the Event (Opens in PDF)


October 1 2013: Tits and small bits: Exploring commodification, consent and shame in teen ‘sexting’

Presenter: Dr. Jessica Ringrose | Professor of Sociology of Gender and Education | University of London

Respondent: Dr. Lance McCready | Associate Professor of Urban Education | Director, Centre for Urban Schooling (CUS)

Publicity Flyer for the Event (Opens in PDF)


October 18 2013: Startling beauty: Disabled and fat figures in art and activism

Presenter: Dr. Carla Rice | Canada Research Chair in Gender, Health, and Relationships|University of Guelph

Presenter: Eliza Chandler PhD Candidate Humanities, Social Sciences, and Social Justice Education OISE | University of Toronto


November 15 2013: Gay Pride at the Olympics

Homonationalism and Anti-Colonial Resistance

Presenter: Dr. Heather Sykes | Associate Professor| CTL | OISE/UT


Taking Back Sochi  

Presenter: Dr. Salima Bhimani | Doctoral Graduate| CTL | OISE/UT


Indigenous Evictions and a Gay Cure in Rio de Janeiro

Presenter: Michael Wallner | Doctoral Candidate| CTL


January 24 2014: The Emotional Geographies of Childhood Studies: Theorizing Beyond Binaries

Presenter: Dr. Kate Cairns | Postdoctoral Fellow | Department of Sociology | University of Toronto


February 14 2014: When Qualitative Research Meets Theatre: The Complexities of Performed Ethnography & Research-Informed Theatre Project Design

Presenter: Dr. Tara Goldstein | Professor Curriculum | Teaching & Learning

Presenter: Julia Gray| PhD Student Leadership| Higher & Adult Education


February 20: The Poetics of the Possible 

Presenters: Will Edwards, Amir Kalan, Emma Sheppard and Emmanuel Tabi


February 24: Redesigning Civic Education for the Digital Age

Presenter: Joseph Kahne | Professor of Education | Mills College Chair | MacArthur Foundation


February 25: Studying Youth Political Engagement 

Presenter: Joseph Kahne | Professor of Education | Mills College Chair | MacArthur Foundation