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Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

Sociology and Equity Studies in Education

Department of Sociology and Equity Studies at OISE/UT provides opportunities for student to focus their activities in the numbers of research areas. This includes the area of Culture, Communications, and Critical Education.

Courses pertinent to this focus include:

SES 1912 Foucault and Research in Education and Culture

This course will introduce students to central approaches, themes and questions in the work of Michel Foucault. We will discuss the relevance and utility of his work by examining how a number of researchers in education have made use of it. Students will also be able to explore the implications and usefulness of Foucault’s work for their own research.
Kari Dehli

SES 299H Theoretical Framework in Culture, Communications, and Education

Rinaldo Walcott

SES 1915 Education and Popular Culture

Learning not only takes place within the institutions of formal education, but through a myriad of practices of popular culture. Considering popular culture as inherently pedagogical, this course will address the learning that takes place through various everyday cultural practices and consider its implications for the work of educators. Practices to be considered include television, film, radio, digital media, musical performance, as well as aspects of material culture such as forms of dress, games, and toys.
Roger I. Simon

SES 3999 The Communicative Foundations of Democracy: Public Space/Public Time

Roger I. Simon

SES 2999 Education, Historical Memory and Civic Life

Roger I. Simon

SES 1956H Social Relations of Cultural Production

This course will analyse how cultural meanings are produced, interpreted, legitimated, and accepted and/or rejected in educational settings, including but not limited to schools. Critical perspectives from feminism, Marxism, and poststructuralism will be explored to consider how culture has been investigated and taken up in/through sociology, cultural studies, and studies of education and schooling.
K. Dehli

SES 1958 The Internet and Cyberspace: Issues of Culture, Identity, Access and Control

Cyberspace can be defined in many ways. What are the metaphors which define it? What are the discourses that emerge there? How are these produced in cultural negotiations? This course examines cyberspace as a site of cultural production and as a potential site of both retrenchment and resistance to hegemonic understandings of culture. Issues of identity and cultural politics will be examined in regard to cyberspace interactions. Literature from postcolonial and cultural studies, poststructuralist and feminist orientations will provide theoretical orientations in examining cyberspace.
J. Iseke-Barnes

SES 1992 Feminism and Poststructuralism in Education

Kari Dehli