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Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

Theory and Policy Studies

TPS 1447H Technology in Education: Philosophical Issues

This seminar addresses how knowledge and experience are constructed through space, place, and cultural technologies ranging from language to media. We begin with an examination of the phenomenon of "globalization" as it redefines social relations. We will read cultural geography to analyze how social relations are shaped by cultural forces, institutions, and spaces ranging from private and public environments to classrooms to virtual spaces. We will consider how epistemology and social identities are redefined as communication increasingly takes places through computer-mediated communication and popular culture. Readings will include: Anthony Giddens, Runaway World; Doreen Massey, Space, Place, and gender; Alison Adam, Artificial Knowing; Yi Fu Tuan, Space and Place; Andrew Feenberg, Transforming Technology: A Critical Theory Revised; selected readings by Donna Haraway, Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger, and Fredric Jameson.
Megan Boler

TPS 1436H Modernity and Postmodernity in Social Thought and Education

Recent debates in social theory, philosophy and education regarding the meaning of modernity will be discussed. Theories of modernity and post-modern critiques will be reviewed. Experiences around the world pf various types of crisis (political, cultural, global) will be analyzed.
Megan Boler

TPS 1462H Women, Literature, and Education

This course focuses on the representation of women in literature and film to illuminate political philosophies, epistemologies, and social concerns. The course introduces different theoretical and philosophical approaches from literary and film criticism that suggest diverse pedagogies and theories of reading as modes of educational engagement.
Megan Boler

TPS 3417H Research Seminar in Feminist Criticism and Pedagogy

This course will explore progressive, critical, feminist, and other radical pedagogies in their philosophical and historical contexts. The seminar will examine diverse contemporary debates regarding pedagogical questions surrounding such notions as “voice,” “empowerment,” and “dialogue” that have been advocated and contested within critical educational theory.
Megan Boler