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Virtual Curriculum: The Corporation

The Canadian documentary The Corporation presents a darkly amusing account of the institution’s birth as a legal “person” whose prime directive is to produce profit for shareholders regardless of the cost to anyone, or anything else. Considering the odd legal fiction that deems a corporation a “person” in the eyes of the law, the feature documentary employees a checklist, based on actual diagnostic criteria of the World Health Organization and DSM IV, the standard tool of psychiatrists and psychologists. What emerges is a disturbing diagnosis.

The range of timely and relevant topics tackled by the film lend themselves to integration into a wide variety of courses and subjects, including (but certainly not limited to) media studies, business, philosophy, history, environmental studies, and political science. Dr. Megan Boler from OISE's Department of Theory and Policy Studies has led the development of two study guides for this film – one geared at secondary school students with an Ontario focus, and the other for post-secondary students. Together, Megan, Ian Esquivel, Trevor Norris and Laura Pinto have identified specific themes in the film, and constructed a variety of materials for teacher and student use, including activities, assessment tools, discussion questions, annotated web sites, and suggestions for further reading. These materials are available free of charge through the links below. For further information, contact Megan Boler.


Visit the study guide for secondary school students available at TVO

For more information about the film, visit The Corporation’s official site